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Are you looking for fun, free love tests that you can take to find out more about yourself, your partner, and your love life? Then you can find many of them right here.

You know how sometimes nothing can reveal to us some hidden signs or secrets about us better than a compatibility test, or a personality love test. That's why here are some helpful fun tests for you to take for free to find out more.

Simply choose any test below that sounds interesting to you, and be ready for a fun adventure of discovering more about yourself...

Three Helpful Ideas to Use Love Tests

There are some secrets to use love tests most effectively and here you are going to discover some of the best ones of them. Here are some ideas to help you get the most out of free love tests you get...

1. Take the Test with an Open Mind

Realize there is no right and wrong answer. It is just different how each of us is and that's OK.

So give 100% honest answers. It is for your own good actually. This way you can find the naked truth about your love and your relationship.

2. Take the Test in a Neutral Emotional State

Here's a secret many people overlook: If you take your love test when you are angry with your partner, or you feel over-loving and emotional because of a sweet thing he did just now, it is not a good time to take the test, because your feeling is going to affect and distract your real answers.

Wait for a while until you get to your normal, base feeling that is neutral. Then take the love test.

3. Ask Your Partner to Take the Test Too

Only half of your relationship is you, so if you take the test only yourself, you're going to find out about half of it only.

By having your partner take the same test, you too can honestly compare your results and see how much you have in common.

OK, there you have it! Now you can simply choose one the free love tests at the top of this page to start finding out more about yourself!


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