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How to Get a Girl Impressed With You - Dating Secrets You Must Know

If you're dreaming of impressing a girl you fancy, here is a list of things you will need to make it happen. A minor caveat: some of these things may not be politically correct, but they work like magic.

The unique thing about these techniques is that they're based on some underhanded psychological prompts that women respond to. Use these only if you're absolutely ready for 'uncalled for' attention from women anywhere you go.

1. Be cocky.

Self-assurance translates to cockiness, and women like this! Don't get intimidated by beautiful women. The notion that these women get dates all the time is a myth.

The truth is, some gorgeous girls rarely get asked out because all the other guys are scared to death of approaching them. If you see a cute girl, do not hesitate to approach and tease her. She will think it's funny and would tease you back.

Being cocky but not obnoxious is a skill that you can master if you maintain the basics of propriety and good timing. There's a way to affectionately tease women so they will respond in turn. You might have heard of the term "cocky funny" in the past, and now you have a way to apply it.

2. Cold reading.

Simply put, you can approach a girl and say things that she can relate to. This will require you to be extra observant, which isn't hard to do if you really try. For instance, say this: you're the type who feels socially comfortable but you're also a loner.

Here's another one: you're thrifty by nature, but you love to pamper yourself. Nine out of ten times, the woman you are talking to will be able to relate with these lines. She will feel that you're really in tune with her vibe. The result? She will talk to you further to get to know you better.

3. "Bouncing".

If you're in a date with a girl, make it seem like you're sharing different experiences with her by going from one place to another. Creating an illusion of having spent many moments together is easy if you can create several experiences in one date.

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